Commercial Voice Over Demo

Time: 1:02

Edited by Bill Stoneking

"Artie's Song" from a graduation class/review I did in December 2013.


Word about Artie:

He is a character I've been working onsince I went to SIU. Artie is a redneck farmer with very definite beliefs. I don't endorse his views. He is meant a satire of certain individuals I met back then and continue to see on tv at times.


Someday I'll have a better example of my vocal range but now this is it! Enjoy!

Voice Over Reels


DeSanti Talents represents me for voice over. Below is a few samples of my work:

Character Voice Over Reel One

Time: 1:10

Edited by Bill Stoneking

Character Voice Over Reel Two

Time: 1:16

Edited by Bill Stoneking

Commercial Voice Over Demo - Marc Peurye
Character Voice Over Reel One - Marc Peurye
Character Voice Over Reel - Marc Peurye

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to the songs "Singin' In the Rain" or "You Light Up My Life". They are only sampled here for the use of the characters. Some of the characters are originals, some are samples of dialects I can do, some are impersonations, and some are original to me.


Character Reel One (The Grocery Store):My Intro, Mungus (the voice I did for "Punching"), Gremlin (Based on a Bugs Bunny cartoon), A dalek from "Doctor Who", Gandolf of "Lord of The Rings", Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Jimmy Durante, Carol Channing, Cookie Monster of "Sesame Street", Chippy the Chipmunk from "The Jo Jo and Joyce Club", Wally The White Squirrel from Olney from "The Jo Jo and Joyce Club", Gino (the voice I used  in "The Hostile Takeover"), Indian Technical Support Guy, Ob Noxious (Original Character) and My Outro.


Character Reel Two (The Tropical Paradise): My Intro, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Lurch of "The Addams Family", Mobster, Pepper Pot from "Monty Python's Flying Circus", Evil Satanic Voice, Cockney - Reg, Posh Woman - Cecily, Markie (Original Character), Artie (Original Character - Also see below), Rabbi Mordecai Jerry Graham (Original Character), My Outro, and Gremlin (Based on a Bugs Bunny cartoon).